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Past seminars and events

Spring 2011

8 June 13.00 Jörgen Ripa from Lund, whom is a guest researcher here presently will present a metapopulation model and Allee effects, and discuss different problems. 14.00 Torbjörn Lundh and Philip Gerlee talkes about an ongoing project of phenotypic plasticity. Picknick-lunch at 12.00 in the Botaniska Trädgården!

9 March 13.30 Two foreign guests will give talks at Chalmers (MV building), 13.30 Graham Jones (Edinburgh), 14.00 Andrey Lange (Moscow). They are also, togheter with David Kleinhans, applicants for a postdoc position within the centre. Intervju/discussion will be held at 15.00.

23 February 15.00 Karin Hårding shows pictures and talks about the Antarctic expedition. Devdatt Dubhashi chairs a research discussion session. Big lecture hall, Botany house.

Autumn / winter 2010

16-17 Dec 2010, The 2nd Swedish meeting on Mathematics in Biology in Gothenburg (detalis) Foto: Johan Wingborg

28-30 September preNordForsk Meeting at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory a start up meeting in Nordic mathematical biology. The aim of this meeting was to join forces: biologists and mathematicians, experimentalists and theorists from well-established research groups in four Nordic countries, England and Estonia (details)

Spring 2010

21 April Mikael Sandberg, Högsk. Halmstad, and Per Lundberg

26 May Peter Trapman, Stockholm University

17 March Valerio Bartolino, Oregon State University

12 March (Friday) PhD defence by CtBio member, Maria Prager at Zoology

11 March (Thursday) Kevin Omland Seminar at Zoology Department

19 February (Friday) Thomas Hansen, Oslo University, Seminar at Zoolgy Department

18 February (Thursday) Kalle Parvinen, University of Turku, Finland, Seminar at Mathematics Department

17 February Kalle Parvinen, University of Turku, Finland Abstract

10 February Anders Eriksson University of Cambridge

27 January Serik Sagitov and Peter Jagers

20 January Bernt Wennberg and Torbjörn Lundh

Autumn / winter 2009

2 December Alexandra Balogh, Stockholm University "Evolution of super-Mullerian Mimicry in butterflies"  Abstract

18 November Bengt Oxelman "The newer systematics - gene trees, species trees, and a solution to the species problem" Abstract

4 November Alexandre Agular and Devdatt Dubhashi "How do DNA binding proteins find their targets? Some simple models and analyses." Abstract

20 October (Tuesday) Zoology seminar at Zoology Jason Pienaar "Sex allocation theory"

14 October Soyoka Muko "The secret of the succession of coral reefes and the importance of dispersal of larvae."

7 October Bernt Wennberg "Swarming daphicles and flocking of birds" David Kleinhans "On the role of symmetry in dispersal"

Spring 2009

1-5 June (workshop 2-3 June only) Workshop & PhD course: Phylogenetic comparative analyses of evolution and adaptation
(read more)

28- 30 April CTBio Workshop: LIFE IN A FRAGMENTED WORLD Genetics, diseases and metapopulation dynamics (read more)

15 April Philp Gerlee "Evolution in silico. Can computer simulations teach us about evolution?"

18 March Jason Pienaar "Comparative methods for adaptive hypotheses II" (focus on theoretical methods)Abstract17 March Jason Pienaar "Comparative methods for adaptive hypotheses I"

25 February  Jonas Tegenfeldt "Melting Mapping of DNA in NanochannelsAbstract

21 January Niclas Jonzen (Lund University) "How does environmental variability translate into population fluctuations?"

Winter 2008

11 December Torbjörn Lundh "Yggdrasil - a new user friendly artificial life program", Allen Spaulding "Using Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models and Pagel's method incomparative tests for bishops and widowbirds.", Anders Eriksson "Allee effects in Influenza A?, models of the immune defense."

Autumn 2008

27 August  CTBio After-summer-meeting

3 September Anna Qvarnström, Uppsala University

8 September Robert Holt University of Florida N.B. Monday!

24 September Cock van Oosterhout "A neutral model for MHC evolution"

8 October Inés Goncalves Licentiate seminar and Niclas Kolm Uppsala University "Brain evolution in cichlid fishes: single mothers and Brownian motion" Both seminars on the 8th at: Föreläsningssalen, Zoologiska institutionen, Medicinaregatan 18.

Spring 2008:

20 February Andreas Nordvall Lagerås "Inbreeding"

27 February Allen Spaulding "Going the Distance: Using Pairwise Distances for Comparative Study"

5 March Per Åberg "Sensitivity of stochastic matrices"

12 March Per Lundberg "UNIFIED NEUTRAL Theory of Biodiversity (UNTB) - a basic introduction and some examples"

19 March Anders Eriksson "How does processes within patches transfer to metapopulation dynamics?"

2 April Philip Stephens (U. Durham, UK) "Optimal Annual Routines:     New Tools for Conservation?"

9 April Coalescens workshop 13.15-17.00 Organizers: Calle & Bernhard Program

6 April Göran Englund, Umeå University "Spatial population dynamics and scaling laws of biological processes", David Kleinhans and  Jörgen Ripa, Lund University, "Predator-prey dynamics, stochastic variation and evolution"

22 April Karl Gotthard, Stockholm University (N.B. Tuesday!) "The evolution of growth strategies and optimal body size in temperate butterflies"

7 May Per Jonsson "Analysis of spatially explicit dispersal probabilities: dispersal barriers, sources and sinks"

28 May Alexander Andersson, Department of Mathematics, University of Dundee "Mutation and Adaptation in Cancer: Implications for the "Invasive Phenotype"Abstract


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